Threshold Support Circle Resources

Listed here are web and music resources we found are helpful for educating and planning end-of-life transitions. You will find other helpful resources categorized by resource type (Books, Articles, DVD/Video, and Ted Talks) under the Resources menu.



National Home Funeral AllianceThe NHFA acts as a clearinghouse of all things home funeral, providing connections and resource information to all who are looking for guidance.

Crossings: Caring for Our Own at DeathCROSSINGS is a founding organization of a gentle but radical movement in the US that stands for the healing power of caring for our own departed. We serve the dead. We serve the families of the dead. We serve love. We serve the Earth. And we believe that no less than the healing of our society is at stake as we decide how our dead are cared for.

Final PassagesFinal Passages provides educational materials, consultations, in-services, presentations, referrals and seminars that prepare and support individuals and the community to carry out a home or family-directed funeral.

Funeral Consumers AllianceFuneral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.

Green Burial CouncilThe Green Burial Council is an independent, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization working to encourage environmentally sustainable death care and the use of burial as a new means of protecting natural areas.

Home Funeral DirectoryHere you will find resources to give you the confidence to carry out a home or family-directed funeral. This site includes information on natural after-death care, green burial options, and home funeral guides listed by state.

Natural Transitions: A non-profit resource center providing education on conscious, holistic, and green approaches to end of life, including family-directed home-based after-death care. They also publish on an on-line and hard copy magazine called Natural Transitions Magazine, you can subscribe or order copies here

Death Cafe: Death Cafes provide a comfortable environment for people to discuss death over tea, coffee and cake. Their aim is to help people make the most of their lives by bringing death back into the conversation.

DeathWiseDeathWise is a nonprofit organization passionately committed to helping people talk about and consciously plan for the end of their lives.

Americans for Better Care of the DyingAmericans for Better Care of the Dying (ABCD) is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans can count on good end of life care.


Music for End-of-Life

Beyond Living: Fingerpicked Ruminations on the Hereafter and Its Messengers; Laurel, Alicia Bay, 2009

Harp of Hope; Schneider, J.D., Pd.D., Diane


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