About the workshop “Conscious Dying: Planning for Impermanence”

“Thank you for the heart-felt presentations. You brought me a peace that I needed.”

– Workshop Participant

“Appreciated all the earth friendly disposition options. I had thought of being cremated and now I’m considering some of these options instead!”

– Workshop Participant

“This was my first encounter with the topic of death and all the presentations were interesting and informative.”

– Workshop Participant

“All of the sessions were extremely helpful, practical, and full of heart.”

– Workshop Participant

About the workshop “Befriending Death as a Caregiver for the Dying”

“Lee has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and an intuitive and sensitive manner in responding to questions. She’s an excellent leader for such a discussion. We learned so much about the end of life, and asked her to return to our group.”

– Workshop Organizer, Stony Run Friends Meeting

“The workshop was well prepared and thought out. It has created an opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding, as well as reframing the experience (for myself and others) as the “great inevitable final miracle.”

– Workshop Participant

Experience with Home Funerals

“After caring for our mother in her home, as she wanted, building the casket with my brothers, and having the 2 day vigil, I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

– A recent participant in a local home funeral

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